Virginity Is The Best Gift For Your Future Husband

2 thoughts on “Virginity Is The Best Gift For Your Future Husband”

  1. the best gift you can give to your husband is love, care, loyalty, understanding and of course -kids to complete your family.

    Love that.

    And I love how all-encompassing this post is. You rally for (sexual) purity, but you remind us all not to condemn those who have made mistakes or those who have been victims.

    I’d like to add, however, that this goes both ways: a man’s virginity is as special and appreciated as a woman’s on their wedding night. Far too often, men are congratulated for losing their virginity as early as possible and women are shamed for the same. But it shouldn’t be that way.

    Parents should “protect” their sons from sex outside marriage as much as they “protect” their daughters from that. Don’t get me wrong, people do what they want when they want to, but there shouldn’t be any double standards. Imagine: you don’t allow your daughter to spend too much time alone with that boy she just met, but you allow your son to spend as much time alone as he wants with the girl he just met… I simply cannot fathom why society thinks this is okay.


    1. Hi Camille, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are correct, when it comes to sexual purity, it’s not all about girls but also about boys. Girls should be taught by their parents to protect theirselves and boys should be taught to respect a girl.

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